IAS Group

What choose us?

At IAS group we have moved away from the old way of accounting and embraced the future of cloud-based accounting.

This allows us to focus on what is really important, giving expert advice to help you grow your business. Having real-time up to date financial information is crucial to a sustainable business and with cloud based accounting this is possible.

Here is how this new way of cloud-based accounting will also benefit you:

You will have access to real-time up to date financial information about your business
when you want it.
You can accesss you financial data from any device, form anywhere at any time.
Add on software will save you time and money!

We have also moved away form the annual accounting and compliance fee structure to a monthly fee that will be based on your tailor-made business solutions and business needs. This ensures affordability, yet offers essential monthly management accounts,payroll solutions and includes all annual compliance services.